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Ireland Shipping Container Inventory

We have the following shipping/storage containers for sale ex Ireland.
Please can you let me know if any of these are of interest to you.
FCBU855897120DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
FCBU855675220DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
FCBU858165220DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
FCBU855550320DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
FCBU856613320DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
FCBU856722720DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
FCBU858555520DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
FCBU855743020DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
FCBU856587820DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
TBA40DCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport
TBA40HCCWDublinDublin Container & Transport


DV - Standard height container - 8'6" high
HC - High Cube container - 9'6" high
CW - Cargo worthy / wind and water tight
NEW - One Trip container

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