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Ireland Shipping Container Inventory

Please see below current stock levels for Ireland.
FCBU854821120DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
GVCU228424320DCCWBelfastBelfast Containers
VDCU200630220DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
VDCU200646820DCNewBelfastBelfast Containers
TBA20DCNewBelfastTotal Cargo Services
TBA20DCNewBelfastTotal Cargo Services
TBA20DCNewBelfastTotal Cargo Services
HBTU207748020DCNewCorkO Connell Containers
HBTU207754020DCNewCorkO Connell Containers Ltd
HBTU207776720DCNewCorkO Connell Containers Ltd
HBTU207796220DCNewCorkO Connell Containers Ltd
HBTU207800120DCNewCorkO Connell Containers Ltd
FCIU336620420DCCWCorkOConnell Containers
NIDU223902120DCCWCorkContainers Storage and Repairs
TBA40HCNewDublinRushfleet Ltd
TBA40HCNewDublinRushfleet Ltd
INKU623229040HCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport
GVCU518874740HCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport
TRLU807813140HCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport
DRYU903658440HCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport
IPXU383512720DCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport
CAXU664656320DCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport
BMOU212684920DCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport
BMOU215773120DCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport
BMOU220212620DCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport
BMOU225934820DCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport
BMOU231167820DCCWDublinDublin Containers & Transport


DV - Standard height container - 8'6" high
HC - High Cube container - 9'6" high
CW - Cargo worthy / wind and water tight
NEW - One Trip container

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